If you are unsure about which colours are best for you, what suits your body shape and what your personal style is, then a one-on-one colour, image and style session will give you the answers you need.

These sessions will:
•  Help you to look your best according to your budget, lifestyle and personal needs
•  Stop you making ‘bad buys’ and wasting time and money
•  Show you how to be a confident shopper, understand what suits you and what to avoid
•  Organise your wardrobe to make your life easier






INITIAL CONSULTATION 45 Mins $75.00 (Lets meet and discuss what aspects of my services you require)
COLOUR SESSION One Hour $175.00 (Includes colour swatches)
MAKE UP SESSION One Hour $150.00 (Covers a natural and evening make up look)
WARDROBE SESSION Two Hours $250.00 (Covers body shape and style) (Written follow up $75.00)
SHOPPING Per Hour $150.00 (Includes prep prior to shopping)
Gift Vouchers available. All prices are exclusive of GST.

Read what some of my clients have to say:

“It started with my colours then an image consultation and then shopping.  Lorraine’s tenderness, softness, strength, confidence and sheer beauty made my shopping day magic, a day I won’t forget and will talk about with others for a long time.  I felt very emotional driving home that day with a feeling of deep gratitude. She made a difference and has inspired me to another level of thinking about fashion and what I wear, where to buy and how to buy. She is my role model.” Glenda Dean

“I’d used a couple of stylists before I found Lorraine. Lorraine is fantastic. I did the complete package – consultation, colours, wardrobe and shopping. Lorraine was professional, thorough, decisive and full of information and great tips that I can use in the future. She’s has this amazing talent for really understanding where you’re at now, what you’re trying to achieve and how to take you there quickly. I felt really confident and at ease in Lorraine’s hands. She really knows her stuff . I’ve found a my image consultant for life – Thanks Lorraine! Andrea Parr  |  Marketing Specialist  |  3M

“I recently worked with Lorraine for a colour and wardrobe session.  The colour session was fantastic. It was really interesting to see the impact of wearing the right (and seeing wrong) colour choices for me.  Lorraine provided me with lots of helpful shopping and style tips after patiently going through my wardrobe! I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions and I look forward to working with Lorraine again soon.” Pippi Kettle  |  Accountant

“The most worthwhile session I had with Lorraine was having my colours done. Lorraine was able to demonstrate how certain colours complement and appear to revitalise my compexion, make my eyes standout, and complement my hair colour. It challenged some preconceptions I had about what I thought suited me and I could see for myself what a difference each colour made. The wardrobe declutter was even more challenging as it reflected the difficulty and uncertainty I’ve had over the years in trying to buy clothes. However there was no pressure to get rid of certain things I liked – just the suggestion to replace it with a better colour when worn out. The shopping session was more upbeat and helped by Lorraine’s knowledge of colour and shape. The whole experience has given me alot more confidence now when I’m purchasing an item of clothing – I go straight to my colours and have no anxiety about whether it will suit me or not. In the morning I open my wardrobe and choose one of several options that I know suit me, I love wearing the heart and chain that Lorraine picked out for me, and it’s been very affirming to receive many positive comments about the colours I’m wearing, colours that I never wore in the past. I would like to have done it many years ago and highly recommend the experience.” Melanie Martin

“I wasn’t feeling good about myself or the way I looked so I decided to do something about it and e-mailed Lorraine and I’ve never looked back. I went to Lorraine with no idea where to start, I would walk into clothing shops and walk straight out overwhelmed. She helped me to focus on the positives about myself, dress to accentuate these, gave me a simple natural make-up routine, the right hair colour for my skin tone. She helped me to get outside my comfort zone, try things I would never have had the confidence to try and they looked great. She has a great eye for detail! I now have a new confidence and self esteem, Lorraine works with the inner you as well as the outer you. I came home from my visit with Lorraine a new woman and everyone noticed and commented on the change in me. Some people would go to a day spa, I’d rather go to Lorraine!” Sue Herd  |  Personal Assistant

“From the moment I met Lorraine she was natural, friendly and extremely professional. She listened to my fashion thoughts, what I wanted to achieve, what I did and didn’t like, and then efficiently analysed my whole wardrobe by explaining to me about what colours and styles suited my complexion, body shape, age and personality, along with tips on basic fashion rules. (We covered all my clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up and we discarded about a third of it). Lorraine was decisive when shopping, it was easy, relaxing and fun, and now that I have guidelines to follow, it has continued to be so. I feel confident and liberated and am looking forward to having an update session with Lorraine in the near future. Thanks Lorraine!” Jude Coleman  |  Marketing Director  |  Lamont Wines Limited

“Lorraine is the consummate professional and from day one I had absolute confidence in her. I needed to sharpen my image and she took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve – my career ambitions, personality and lifestyle and then used this information to pull together a wardrobe plan that suited my needs and made me feel great. The process was comprehensive as we reviewed my existing wardrobe, colours, style, jewellery, shoes, hair style and colour! The experience was just fabulous – I enjoyed shopping and finding the designs, fabrics, styles and colours which suited me. I was also introduced to a fabulous network of professionals – tailors, hairdressers etc and they have now become part of the network I use. I highly recommend Lorraine.” Michele Creagh  |  Chief Operating Officer  |  Firth Southern