Forces of nature combine to create the perfect partnership

livingnature-lorraineLorraine Downes, NZ’s only ever Miss Universe and Living Nature, pioneers of healthy natural skincare solutions in New Zealand, are joining forces to create a strategic partnership. The focus  of the new partnership is to encourage women to take their first step into natural skincare as a move into Authentic Beauty. Natural beauty.

Ms Downes says, “There is a change coming, I see it and hear it everyday. Women today want more than just beauty; they want energy and they want vitality. These are important by-products of good health. I don’t just hear women today say they want to look great, I hear them say they want to feel great. Women really want to be the best they can be everyday – for themselves and for the ones they love.  There are many conflicting beauty messages out there, making it difficult for women to know what’s right for them. For me, Living Nature is a perfect fit for the way I live my life. The ethos I explain on my website is just that, to live by my own authentic truth. I love the fact that Living Nature is made here in Kerikeri from unique New Zealand botanicals – and that it is sold in both health shops and department stores whereas most of the beauty solutions available today are sold only in department stores . Perhaps we should ask why that is?”

John O’Toole CEO of Living Nature, says “Lorraine and Living Nature are a match made in heaven. Lorraine is not just a much-loved face here, she is a proud New Zealander by choice. She chose to return here from a successful career in New York and  is a voice of reason – a wife and mother, and a role model. As a beauty professional she is lighthouse and we are delighted that she has chosen to shine her light on Living Nature above all others.