Health and Wellbeing

Taking care of my health and wellbeing has always been important to me. I believe your health is your wealth. When Symbio Pro biotic approached me to represent the benefits of DR10, the active ingredient which sets Symbio apart from other pro biotics, it was the beginning of a big learning experience.

I am determined to use my voice to talk about health and wellbeing, so presenting the Symbio Probiotic news of the DR10 and the benefits to intestinal health is something I am passionate about as I believe in balance, everything in moderation, in my case that includes a healthy degree of stress from having lead a busy and full lifestyle. Symbio has helped me counter the effects of the inevitable moments that takes us out of balance along with the obvious symptoms.

The simple adjustment of stocking Symbio Probiotic Yoghurt with the benefit of DR10 has made a difference to me and I believe it will for you too.