This morning I woke up and felt compelled to write down the things I love that make me feel really good. It was an interesting exercise to freely write those things down. Here is my list. Try it, it is also a reminder of how good your life is.


First morning wake up stretch in bed, a cat like stretch which makes you automatically release a gorgeous long sigh
The smell of coffee
The aroma of garlic cooking
The smell of the sea
The smell of pine trees and eucalyptus trees
The smell of frangipani and tuberose
The smell of herbs, especially basil
The smell of a new born baby
Cute smiley babies
Having my head or feet massaged-heaven
A long hot shower
Eating really good pizza
Having a cuppa with a sweet treat
Hearing my daughter laugh or hearing her singing in the shower
Listening to my husband talking in funny accents which always makes us laugh
Being in love
Lightning candles day and night
Seeing a rainbow
Watching a sunset
Being at a beach watching the waves
Going to the movies and watching a great movie
Watching tango and dancing tango
Hanging out with a close friend
Having a massage
Shopping while on holidays
Floating out of a yoga class after finishing with shavasana-blissful
Dancing to music that gets me grooving- soul beats
Driving listening to my favourite music turned up really loud
Lying in bed on a rainy day reading a really good book or a magazine
Going on a holiday
Drinking chilled champagne(the good stuff)
Sitting in front of a roaring fire with my hubbie
Wearing cashmere or silk next to my skin
Going to ‘sleep’ while sleeping in beautiful sheets/duvet
Having a dream where you are laughing in it and you wake yourself up!