Some people find their own style all on their own and put their look together effortlessly. For others, it can be more challenging to find what their own ‘style’ is. When I am working with my clients, I ask them a serious of questions to help them uncover and discover what their own ‘style’ is. One of those questions is, who’s style do you love and admire? For me, I have a couple of ‘style’ mentors and Rosie Huntington Whiteley is one of them. Yes, she is model perfection, but that aside, it is her style that I really love.

Style is a reflection of who you are-your personality and your lifestyle, and of course, you also need to factor in your bodyshape and budget. But to be stylish, you don’t have to have a huge budget, in fact, you see women with the big bucks, who have no style at all and just follow the latest fashion trends, never finding their own style.

Getting back to Rosie, what I love in the following pictures of her, is you can clearly see she does have a style formula that she keeps to-great jacket, handbag, boot, sunglasses skinny pant, no more than three colours, simple classic design with not a lot of accessorizing. Rosie is one of my style mentors and she inspires me, but who’s style inspires you?

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